Where do we meet then? As of July 16th 2017, the club has moved from it's old venue of the Ex Serviceman's Club, Harvey Road Leytonstone to the venue detailed below.

EXP Leisure Panormic View

Magic Madhouse
60 Dace Road
London, United Kingdom
E3 2NQ

Tel: 020 8525 9541

They are also on Facebook here.

Come down and take a look and have a chat. The club location map is shown on the right of the screen.


The club meets from 2pm to 6pm every Sunday. Usually on the last Sunday of every month we have a slightly extended day where we meet from midday to 6pm. Check out the Club Calendar here which includes dates for some of the popular external gaming events and tournaments as well as the club meeting dates.


The closest London Underground Station are Stratford (Central Line), Hackney Wick (overground) and Pudding Mill Lane (DLR). The venue is a good 10 minutes walk from each of these stations.


The club has a huge amount of great terrain, boards to game on and printed gaming mats too. This collection has been built up over the years. We make an effort to look after the terrain at the club and reinvest in new terrain every year. The terrain can cater from any sort of gaming from naval to sci-fi, to victorian steam punk to world war 2.

Club Terrain, tables, gaming mats and boards. 

In addition there is a licensed bar at the venue which serves alcohol, soft drinks and beverages as well as food all at very reasonable prices.

The venue, Magic Madhouse is also a shoop which stocks boardgames, CCG related material, paints, hobby materials and miniatures. Magic Madhouse are very competitive with their prices for Club Members and look to price match at the very least but also beat other more competitive gaming retailers.

Magic Madhouse Shop


The club operates a policy of paying for the table that you play on. This fee goes towards the payment of the club public liability insurance, web site hosting costs, domain name costs, scenery replenishment and table replenishment. Occasionally we even sub you a free gaming session!

  • Your first game at the club is ALWAYS free.
  • If you don't play you DO NOT pay any table fees.
  • It costs £25 to join the club (pro rata) for a year (thats £6.25 per quarter) for players aged 18 and over.
  • It costs £10 to join the club (pro rata) for a year (thats £2.50 per quarter) for players under the age of 18.
  • We have negotiated a reduced gaming fee at EXP Leisure for our club members. As EXP Leisure grows, the table fees and club membership may change. We are in an exciting new time for the club and are keen to work with our venue hosts EXP Leisure.

    - Table fees for 2017 are £4 for each player on club nights for club members only for 4 hours gaming and £6 for each non club member. This is irrespective of the number of games you play on that day. Table fees are collected on a weekly basis at the club and passed on to our venue hosts EXP.

    - Each additional hour after this is an additional £1/hour played. This means on our extended days which start at mid-day, table fees to members will cost them £6 if you play for the 6 hours.

  • The club does try to subsidise events/tournaments for club members. We do run and organise our own events and any entry fee to these will normally be subsidised for club members.
  • The club committee are always looking at other membership benefits that can be introduced and made available to club members. This varies from movement widgets to club shirts and patches.


The club operates under a set of rules. The current version of the club rules can be downloaded from here.


There is limited parking on Dace Road and surrounding streets on a Sunday. Parking is RESTRICTED on a Monday-Saturday so DON'T PARK there on those days! According to the current parking restriction notices as of the 16th July, there are single yellow lines on this and surrounding streets.
















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