This year Tanelorn Wargames Club will be running a hex map based escalation campaign for Warhammer 40,000.  The rules are fairly simple and lightweight with the goal being threefold:

  • Providing a bit of context for our casual games of 40k, so we aren't resorting to the normal pickup games without reason or consequence.
  • Providing some incentive for players to collect a new army, or finish an old one.
  • Reinvigorating interest in 40k at the club after a relatively quiet period following the release of 7th edition (and due as well to last years Blood Bowl campaign taking up a lot of interest). 

The rules can be found here:


Whether you're a club member who's missed this on the forum, or a gamer in or near East London looking for a new fun environment in which to play 40k, this might be the campaign for you.

The campaign will be taking place over the war torn planet of Galtose IV. Galtose IV was the setting for a previous Apocalypse Campaign.  We pick up the story decades later when interest in the planet has been revived due to the rediscovery of multiple stable warp portals criss crossing one of the planets smaller continents; portals of unknown origin that have drawn the attention of the Eldar and their dark cousins; Imperial forces from the Imperial Guard, Blood Angels Space Marines and Sisters of Battle; a sinister faction of Slaaneshi Noise Marines and of course the Orks, who are always up for a good fight.

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