Necromunda Terrain

By Adam, aka “Fold”

When I moved to London and found TWGC one of the first things I asked about was how many Necromunda players there were at the club and what appetite there was for getting a campaign going.  I had a very positive response and it was obvious that the game had a place in many of our hearts, even those that had otherwise moved on from Games Workshop systems.

Fast forward a year and as I write this we have a very enjoyable campaign in full swing (although the early dominance of my Goliath’s “Roid Rage” has been cut rudely short by ascendant Escher and Delaque gangs). The campaign is a simple open perpetual format, with gangs of all ratings and no set game schedule.  If there’s appetite in the future I’d definitely like to look at running a more structured hex map style campaign as well.

Necromunda at the Club


At the time of writing there were 12 registered gangs in the campaign run by 10 players, 6 of whom are regulars playing Necromunda every one or two weeks.  It’s yet to be seen how long this momentum will last for, but it’s definitely fair to say the game is a popular option at the club. If you’re looking for a friendly place to play Necromunda in East London please get in touch with us on Facebook to find

- Around 10 interested players in total

- 6 of those play weekly or every other week

- New gangs welcome!

- We use YakTribe’s online roster system to track gang progress


The club has a full set of original Necromunda and Outlanders card terrain and attendant bulkheads, walkways and scatter terrain, plus multiple tubs of generic and 40k specific sci-fi terrain if required, including Cities of Death ruins.

We have several flat brown 4 x 4 boards and some members use printed gaming mats with urban designs for Necromunda gaming.

Some members bring a variety of scratch built terrain, 3rd party MDF structures and their own Necromunda card buildings to play, some of which is also left at the club for general use. Overall there is ample terrain to have two very well stocked gaming tables side by side without really dipping heavily into the 40k and other sci-fi scenery, so purists can generally be assured of being able to play on a “proper” Necromunda table (you know, the kind that takes an hour to set up, is almost impossible to push models around, requires a laser pointer for checking line of sight and all comes tumbling down at the slightest nudge).

- Ample gaming tables

- A full set of original Necromunda card terrain and plenty of bulkheads

- Additional card and scratch built structures, MDF terrain and gaming mats owned by members

- Tonnes of 40k terrain if needed

More Necromunda at the Club


For starters go and read the About the Club page. Then go and join the Club Facebook group and ask someone for a game or if you just want to take a look first, why not come down to the club and do just that!





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