Malifaux is a skirmish tabletop game that is played regularly at Tanelorn. You will often see games being played at a weekly club meeting. In addition the club runs events that are open to anyone to enter. In 2015 Tanelorn ran 3 Malifaux events - a Story Encounter Event, a Ranked Singles Event and a Doubles Event. All events were well received by the players (both internal and external) who attended the events.


At the time of writing Malifaux is one of the games that you will regularily seen being played at a weekly club meet. We have 4-6 players that play. In addition there are players that are willing to teach and demo the game to new players.



There is a large selection of Malifaux terrain available to club members varying from scatter to themed buildings. In addition the club has a number of 3x3 themed playing mats to play on too.

MALIFAUX a Club Members View by Matt Cole

So being a gaming magpie as I am, I had looked across the table at the occasional game of Malifaux, admiring just how crazy it seemed, but it was something about how some of the very first models were just that little bit cartoony, and I thought ‘not another game when I don’t have enough time' and I didn't jump in. Then they released the Ten Thunders faction who are (glibly, back then) Triads straight out of a Hong-Kong action movie. This also ushered in a wave of new plastic models for the game (which almost to a model are now awesome). I loved the style and when I heard a 2nd edition was coming along, I thought it was a prime time to start up. I visited my local store and they had a Perdita box set. Mexican Cowboys? Never thought of that! And lo an obsession was born.

There are two core things which I love about Malifaux, both interlinked. You randomly create all of the objectives each game, and how you set up. By objectives I mean missions - the reasons you are playing the game. When you combine this with lots of different types of terrain we have at the club, you never have the same game twice.  You then decide which models you want to pick to tackle these objective and your opponent's faction too. You also don’t really know what your opponent is going to take, hence once you put your 6-11 models down, you don’t really know what is going to happen. This is what brings me back to this game all of time. I also have done demo’s for many people who have come to the club in the last few years so I can show you the joys of the Guild any time!

There is core group of 4-6 who play Malifaux at the club. Quite a few of us also regularly (most months) attend and play in events in the Malifaux community up and down the country. There is a very friendly and competitive  scene in Malifaux in the UK and globally.  So if you are looking for laughing at people coming last (ie me), then this is a great game to get into. Deceptively cheap, if you have an iron will you can play as many games as you like for £70, but you can also buy enough models to field multiple ‘crews’ 3 times over!


For starters go and read the About the Club page. Then go and join the Club Facebook group and ask someone for a game or if you just want to take a look first, why not come down to the club and do just that!




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