40k Game at the Club

By Adam aka “Fold”

Most if not all Tanelorn members have at least dabbled in 40k in the past, and while there are tonnes of games played at the club, 40k is one of the consistent staples with a core of regular players meaning you can almost always get a game and be assured some variety in opponents and opposing armies.

It’s fair to say the ethos of 40k players at Tanelorn is very casual.  We tend towards making things look good and ensuring all players have a good time, more than list tailoring and WAAC armies and playstyles.  Most games are with fully painted and based armies and played over carefully set up battlefields.  So if that’s your scene, and you’re looking for a friendly place to play Warhammer 40,000 in East London with tonnes of terrain, good facilities and loads of space then get in touch with the club either here or on Facebook.


On a typical club day up in Leytonstone there are 2-6 members playing 40k, either in three separate battles, or increasingly popular 4 way multiplayer games.  Usually these games are played by the core 40k players at the club, or which there are about 8 or 9.  Between these players there is a good spread of 40k armies with of course most club members having 2 or more factions in their collections.

Beyond this core group, several other members have 40k armies that are rolled out for special occasions and the release of the Horus Heresy set Betrayal at Calth has stoked renewed interest from 2 or 3 players who are now painting up 30k forces both for playing the boxed game and for potential use in 30k or 40k.

In the past couple of years we’ve run one narrative campaign with linked battles culminating in an 8,000 point all day Apocalypse battle, and one hex map campaign.  As I write this in early 2016, rumours are afoot of another narrative campaign in the works…<s/pan>

40,000 Campaign Map


40,000 Terrain40k Terrain

Tanelorn is fortunate to have a very large terrain collection and probably the best supported game system of all is 40k.

- All games are played on 4 x 4 base boards… there are so many of these that running out is incomprehensible and on one memorable occasion 8 were combined to create an 8’ x 16’ playing area for an 8,000 point Apocalypse game.

- If you like to make your tables look particularly special then we have a variety of play mats (all 6’ x 4’) available to get that immersive feel.  There are three green flocked mats and two lighter, more natural coloured felt mats.  At the time of writing members own three more that are available if you ask nicely… one urban, one ice world and one particularly luxurious mouse pad style battle mat with a grassland design. 

- In terms of basic terrain, there are numerous hills, trees and jungle trees available, a modular river, modular and roll up roads and small scatter terrain.

- A large box of Cities of Death buildings, a few industrial looking buildings and tonnes of ruins.

- Lots of stuff designed for Necromunda or Infinity, in case you want a more built up, technological looking battlefield.  Check out the page about Necromunda at the club for more details.

- Barbed wire fences, modular trenches, a couple of bunkers and many craters.

- Pastoral stuff, like wattle fences, farm buildings and the like.  It sounds odd, but a couple of us did once have a lot of fun battling over a quaint farmstead with a river running through it  (Eldar vs Guard, one of the only times I’ve seen the “amphibious” ability of the Chimera come into play).  Obviously we flattened the place in the process.

- Lastly, one member (yours truly) is half way through building an iceworld terrain set of forests, pipelines, rocky crags and a frozen river.  It’s promised to stay at the club.  When it’s finished…

I’ve probably forgotten something. But trust me, it’s a lot!  In fact, don’t take my word for it, just look at some of the sweet battlefields that have been set up at the club dotted throughout this overview!


For starters go and read the About the Club page. Then go and join the Club Facebook group and ask someone for a game or if you just want to take a look first, why not come down to the club and do just that!







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